Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Another week of Friday Favorites linked up with Erika, Narci and Andrea!

My first favorite for this week has been the fun delivery surprises waiting for me when I arrive home! :) Below are a few treasures I snagged from the Early Access Nordstrom Sale! *more doorstep surprises for me in the coming days ;):):)**

My most exciting purchase so far has been the booties pictured below. I. love. them. They are the perfect boot for Florida in the Fall/Winter. They also transition from dressy to casual very well. I have them paired with this cowl neck shift dress that I can't wait to layer with a jacket for the cooler Fall outings. These booties also look so adorable with skinny jeans and this striped long sleeve crew neck tee. I am always looking for an excuse to style tops with a scarf! I am a Florida girl who wishes we needed scarves on the regular. A girl can dream!

2. Another favorite for this week is that a sweet coworker of mine opened her Etsy store recently selling beautiful agate coasters and magnets. Be sure to check these beauties out!

                     They are all so uniquely beautiful and gorgeous to have on display.

3. One more fave is my early morning workouts!

I have been really proud of myself the last 2 weeks because I have stuck to my early morning workouts! Woohoo! On top of doing the elliptical for 30 minutes (while watchin' the Today show ;))
I also add on this short work out routine! I know Rome wasn't built in a day so I am being patient with myself:)

These shorts were a nice find that I love workin' out in! Lovin' GAP athletic wear! They are so comfy!

4. I also snagged these pretty hand towels from Pottery Barn. A nice lil addition to our master bathroom:) On sale for $9.99!

5. Lastly, but certainly not least, was a date night with a view!

Finally figured out how to use the pano option on my iPhone ;)

That was my week!

                                       Have a great weekend! Thank you so much for reading!


  1. Ooooh you have my cowl neck swing dress!! That's the exact one that I'm thinking of getting! I need to hurry up because it may sell out soon!

    1. AND the dress has pockets!! I just love it:) have a great weekend! gg

  2. Just found your blog via the link up. Do you use affiliate links? I'm considering purchasing those booties but they are sold out. Do you know if Nordstoms restocks?

    1. I think they should restock...but with this sale things are going so quickly:( thanks for reading and have a great weekend! gg

  3. I've been eyeing the cowl neck dress!! It looks fabulous on you :)

  4. The pockets make that dress!!! Thanks for reading! ;) gg