Thursday, August 25, 2016

Friday Favorites!

This week has certainly been an awesome and event filled one. We were busy and loved every minute of it!! Thank you, again, so much to Andrea, Narci and Erika for hosting this weekly link up to let me detail my faves from this wonderful week. 

1. I LOVE the dress I was able to steal from the Lilly Pulitzer Sale! The colors on this dress are so vibrant and the fit is so flattering!  WIN-WIN.

I love a good bargain!

2. Another fall outfit came together recently and I am so excited that I will be heading up north this weekend to test it out. On our weekend excursion, the days will be warm but the evenings will be a treat and in the 60's. #idontevenknowwhatthatfeelslikeanymore! This scarf is SO soft and perfect for Fall in Florida. It is light and airy but will also keep me warm when needed. This jacket is very soft and also cinches at the waist making it very flattering. #alwaysaplus **The jacket is also on sale!!!**

3. Speaking of traveling!!! I am a TERRIBLE flyer so.... I always have to have a book with me (along with some booze and the hubs). Therefore, I have purchased this little piece of fiction that has been recommended so many times in hopes that it will be the perfect distraction for my flying experience.

I will keep you posted on my review ;)

4. A sweet treat that is keeping me happy is a recent discovery a friend mentioned: 
Creme Brulee at Target! Just broil in your oven and voila- dessert!!! 


5. Thursday was a very exciting day for me. It was my final day in my Invisalign!!! The results have made me so happy and were worth the discomfort and wait. I plan on a more extended post to detail this process in the near future.


I hope y'all have such a wonderful weekend!!! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers please...#thisgirlhatestofly.

Thank you for reading.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites!

I am so excited for the arrival of Friday! We have a very busy weekend of events ahead of us which is my favorite kind of weekend. A busy GG, is a happy GG (says the woman with no kiddos #donthate)! Thank you so much, Andrea, Narci and Erika, for hosting this wonderful linkup!

1. My first favorite for the week would be my purchase of the below jean jacket, from GAP! After the NSale I felt like I purchased so many cute dresses that will transition into fall with a jean jacket... so I had to get one:) GAP is having an awesome 40% off sale, just use code STYLE to redeem!

2. My next fave would be my recent MAC purchases. My sweet husband waited for 30 minutes (he says 2 hours! #guytime) while an awesome consultant hooked me up with some new eye makeup. I LOVE the brushes and technique she so patiently sold me on!

Love my paint pot that doubles as primer. And both this brush and
blending brush rock my world.

                                                      And a new palette for good measure:)

3. Another top pick that has to be mentioned is that I have been having so much fun helping my sister throw a bridal shower for her best friend! She picked a lemon theme because the shower is on #nationallemonadeday. I am so excited to see how everything comes together and to try out a new recipe I found for lemon squares. 

A HUGE bonus about this party plannin' deal is that I get to spend time with my lil sis. #proudbigsister

4. I figured I could share two things that made me laugh pretty hard this week  Couresty of the internet:


and sometimes... this sums up my life:


5. Lastly, but certainly NOT least, my birthday boy for this week! 



and was just us at one point at the Hibachi! 

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!


Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Oh Hello, FRIDAY!!! I had a wonderful week but am lookin' forward to a relaxin' weekend :) So I figured I would share my top picks for this week.

Thank you Andrea, Narci and Erika for hosting!

1. To start off, I have to share my review of the (hilarious) movie,  "Bad Moms"!

After watching the above clip..I hope you go see it! I am not a mama yet (I am in the makin' stage still;)) but I LOVED this film. This was even "husband approved" and he is a tough critic! It was witty and crude without being too much. We also had an incredible experience with the crowd! A big group of women came together loaded with hidden wine and they made sure to laugh loudly, scream, and to hoot and holler at the screen. At one point an empty wine bottle tinged and bounced down the steps of the theater which set off a roar of laughter separate from the film. I sat next to a younger girl in her 20's who was with her mom and she was so embarrassed at certain scenes....and I felt for her...but her mom was cracking up so I knew she would not have an uncomfortable drive home:) Mommies go and grab your girlfriends, sneak in a bottle of wine and enjoy this film that celebrates the tough job you do daily! 

2. Next up were my recent findings of Oreo Mint Thins. They are the bomb. I am kicking myself for discovering this cookie treat. If you are a huge thin mints fan...these will hold you over until Girl Scout Season!

3. Another favorite that I couldn't resist sharing is this cute little dress! I cannot wait to layer this baby up for fall! I was very excited when it arrived at my door step. After trying it on, it may be the softest piece of clothing I own. And paired with these booties, it's love.

Excuse my odd wrist action in this photo #awkward

4. My dear Kettle Bell has been kickin' my "makin' a mama" booty! I LOVE it.  There are so many exercises that can be taken to the next level with this beauty. My morning workouts are becomin' a challenge but these Olympians are makin' me want to raise the bar..or bell! #iamadork #ilovetheolympics

5. Lastly, this sweet little magazine made my heart skip a beat. So many DIY ideas and so many crafty things that I will push the hubs into creating! Makes me smile! #mightmakehimfrown

This is happening this weekend. #youwerewarnedhubs

Have a fabulous weekend! Thank you so much for reading!


Friday, August 5, 2016

Friday Favorites!

HEY FRIDAY HEY! I look forward to creating this fun post all week and love sharing it.

Thanks for hosting this great link up, Erika, Narci, and Andrea!

So my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale goodies have continued to trickle in! It is so much fun coming home to presents on my doorstep! Part of my favorites this week have to include these items!

1. This swing dress finally arrived and will be a sweet little number that will easily transition from fall into winter here in Florida.

2. This necklace! I love the brown mother of pearl color and the thickness and quality of the chain. Funny story about this order... the first round of ordering this accessory I accidentally chose my old address for shipping so the order was canceled. The second time I tried ordering it went through and then I was notified Nordstrom cancelled it because they ran out of stock. So this third order was for the win!

3. This shift dress (in medieval blue) number is breezy enough for warmer weather but will also layer well for Fall- yea! Paired with my favorite go to TB sandals!

4. Loving this candle from Target. Smells so good and I love the gold lid!

5. Found this CUTE little addition to my kitchen decor! Since we have cherry cabinets that I so desperately wished were white (next project!).... I plan on adding as many white accents to my kitchen. #ilovewhitesandgrays

                        Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a great weekend!