Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Favorites!

This has been a sleepy week with our recent travels and events. I am looking forward to time off to relax and catch my breath. This week has really dragged on but the Thanksgiving holiday in the near future helps everything along! 

Once again thank you Andrea, Narci, and Erika for hosting!

First up would be a recap of the two weddings we attended this past weekend! Both weddings were so filled with love and so much fun. The first was the wedding of one of my sister's best childhood friends and was held on her parents' ranch. It was BEAUTIFUL. The second wedding we attended was up north in Ontario and held in a renovated old church- also SO gorgeous. The brides looked stunning, I cried at both (I can't control myself at weddings) and fun was had by all! The hubs and I both realized we might be getting a little old for the 2:30 am partying lifestyle though! #oops #nokidsyet

Secondly, I need help with car suggestions! We are on the search for a new car:) We are looking for an SUV this go around because soon we hope to fill it with sweet little bundle(s) of joy. Any suggestions would be so helpful!

Next up, my sweet in-laws are back in town for the wintertime and I made the below receipe for their first dinner in town. #wearesolucky It was delicious!!

                                                               Mississippi Pot Roast 

4. After realizing my first of choice earrings would not be arriving in time for our out of town wedding I quickly ran into Francesca's after getting my hair done (conveniently located right next door) and found these beautiful (but heavy!) replacement earrings. They looked awesome with my dress and bracelet! #crisisaverted

5. My last favorite for the week would have to be my genuine excitement that the holiday season is upon us. Not only is Thanksgiving less than a week away but I am officially allowed to purchase a Christmas tree and fully decorate our home in one week. #hubsrule #allofthefeelings #falala #iheartchristmas I am so excited for the parties, dressing up, the family and friends, the gift giving, the shopping, and the smell of pine!

                        I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for reading!


  1. That is my favorite roast recipe to make, too! It is so yummy with Pioneer Woman's Mashed Potatoes! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Good Luck on the SUV search. We would love a Tahoe or Sequoia; however, we don't have any babies to fill it with yet!