Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Beach, Sales, and Sleep!

My company sent me to Orlando this past week and part of the weekend. I was attending the FPEA convention which is the largest homeschooling convention in the US (15,000 attendees!). This was an eye opening experience. Each child attending seemed so driven and focused. They were so self-assured and confident while being very respectful and polite. Speaking to these kids and their parents could almost convince you that homeschooling is a viable option. That is, until you realize the amount of work and dedication that goes into forming a curriculum for these youngsters!  My company's promotion was advertising that there was a golden ticket hidden in with the free chocolate… which kept my booth full of sweet little kids! If I went into this convention wanting a little baby, I can safely say I left with full blown baby fever! J

One thing I’ve learned from my past travels is if you are travelling/dining alone be prepared with a book or iPad to pass the time. Luckily, I was able to access WiFi at my hotel’s restaurant because the wait was a little crazy for my meal…but time passes pretty quickly when you have FRIENDS and red wine J

Once I returned home… I felt like this:

So after reuniting with the hubs on Saturday we had a little date night at a local Italian restaurant. Then Sunday we were doin’ the Memorial Day usualJ sale shoppin' and beachin!!

Our Monday consisted of organizin’, readin’ my new book, movie watchin’ and pizza!


In terms of a movie review, my mama always told me if you don't have somethin' nice to say, don't say anything at all... so I will remain silent on this gem ;)

Overall I loved the sales (*post to come!*), family time and sleep!

Cheers to a new week!


Monday, May 23, 2016

It was a sweeeet weekend!

Weekend rundown!

Saturday we met with two of our best friends for lunch at Burger Fi! It was a new place for us and we are all about tryin’ new things these days :)  Their cheeseburgers were delicious and, just an FYI, to all the vegans out there- BurgerFi’s "Vege-fi burger" contains egg and cheese in the mix. (Bummer!) 

For dessert, we brought sugary, cupcake treats from the amazing bakery “Sprinkles” to our friends and their son. These cupcakes are delicious. And, BONUS, they offer a vegan, gluten free and sugar free option! *to date I have tried the Vegan red velvet, the banana dark chocolate, sprinkles, and coconut options.* All have been Ah-Mazing.

To burn off some of this sweetness we then went to play at the park with our friend’s son. It is so awesome to watch little kids at the park…. To them it’s a huge magical place filled with castles and cool bugs.  I got schooled on how weak I am on the monkey bars- I could not do a single pull up. *note to self,  I need to follow through on the working out thing before babies. Tonight is night #1!

After separating from our friends we did some shoppin’ at Target. I found a mirror for above my DIY table, shoes that I fell in love with, and some shorts and shirts for the hubs! Then we headed off for a little date night/married time :)

We saw the movie, “The Nice Guys” which was very funny. I love listening to people’s reaction in a movie theater- it makes me laugh even harder! Then we were off to try another first! We went to a local ramen place for dinner called, Ichicoro Ramen. We may be the last people in the area to finally try it but - we finally did! It was VERY yummy. I was painfully aware of how uncool I was in the restaurant with all the youngsters but the staff was super friendly and helpful. I know to some people this doesn’t make or break their dining experience…but is does for me! So we will be back! Though I should mention this is not a place I would say is “kid friendly” but is a definite dinner date night!

*I got the Champon Ramen with a bacon extra, while my Vegan husband, got the Miso Ramen with Spicy Sauce* 

Sunday was a sweet little day where we biked out a new route, shared lunch at our favorite Mexican joint and then caught up with friends and their sweet little babies. “Sprinkles” cupcakes popped up again during this visit! I couldn’t keep away from the sugar and goodness!

As two of the little guys napped, the “big” kids watched Toy Story, and as the daddy’s played pool… the mommy’s talked. I have to state that every.single.one. of my friends are the BEST mothers. They are incredible examples to follow and I am SO lucky to have them to bounce emotions, thoughts, ideas, tears, frustrations etc. off of. I cannot wait to join in on the connection of being mothers together. They are also a HUGE wealth of knowledge! Some of it is graphic but most of it is hilarious! Always informative!

For example, a great thing I learned was where to find cheap pregnancy/ovulation tests online:
go here!

Cheers to the rest of this week!



Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Shoes for Dessert

Since I was a little baby, my mother has planned a weekend trip away with her girlfriends. It has been the same group of women for 31 + years. They all rent a bunch of condos, bring delicious food, lay on the beach, trade stories, and laugh. The only rule is that no husbands or children are allowed to attend. When my mother leaves for her annual “Beach Weekend”, my father steps into the role as both mom and dad.

Over the last decade I have formed a special tradition with my father during this time. He and I go on  "a date" when my mom is away. We go to lunch or dinner and then shop. It is a blast! My sister has joined in recently (since moving back to FL) and also loves this tradition! This year we met at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and then were gifted: “shoes for dessert”, from my favorite store, Nordstrom.

My sister chose these beauties and these gems!

And these were my delicious choice!

After my dad parted ways with us, my sister and I shared some afternoon cocktails at Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen and we were also served a sampling of their candied bacon. I mean seriously?!

It. Was. Heavenly.

Having a few drinks mid day is normally not even something I would consider but this blog is pushin' me to have the glass of champagne pre-baby and to live it up:)

 It was truly a wonderful Sunday filled with family and shoes!  Who could ask for more?!:)



Friday, May 13, 2016

DIY and Our Fixer Upper!

Our home is in a constant state of update!

We love our little fixer upper! 

It is filled with a mix of new furniture and hand me downs. For our older items that need a little face lift, Chalk(y) Paint (by Valspar), has been my new best friend. Below is the newest item that was brushed with some love:) The color is 'Sapphire Bracelet'. 


First coat!
Second coat....getting closer to the color I envisioned (phew)...

After the 2 coats of paint, I finished off the table with a Sealing Wax (also Valspar).

I LOVE the knobs I found that finished off the new look! I purchased these from Target for $7.99!! :)

I just wanted to share a little something to show how the house is coming along. These types of projects fill me with so much pride! 

The next item on my list is finding a mirror to go above this entry way table!!


Tuesday, May 10, 2016


So to start this bloggin' journey I will give a little backstory to my life. I have been married for one year to a man who stole my heart over a decade ago. We began dating in college and broke up after a summer apart. I feel like an entire life was lived while we were apart. Then 8 years later he showed up at my doorstep to take me on a dinner date. I happened to be a mess during this time and he swooped in and took care of me like only he can. My better half is Canadian, and I live in Florida, so we did long distance for a year (thank the good Lord for Skype!) until he moved down to join me in the sunshine. After some time he proposed, I accepted, and we were married 3 weeks later in a sweet and precious wedding ceremony at my childhood home.

Our first year of marriage we managed to squeeze in buying a fixer upper, fixing up that fixer upper, getting my fella a Green Card and discussed whether babies were in our future. We both entered into marriage “on the fence” about wanting children. I was hardened to the idea because of fear and he was just never really interested in babies. However, I never closed the door permanently on the idea though. Then… something happened to my heart entering my 30’s. I knew I wanted a baby. In fact, I longed for one. That “biological clock” tickin’ thing is true- who knew?! I spent much of our first year of marriage hinting that I had changed my mind. Then we had numerous serious conversations about the change in direction I was throwing at him. And finally, it was determined that in 6 months my hubby and I will begin trying for our own little miracle.

I have SO many thoughts, questions, and ideas about this next step. I want to do the right workouts to prepare my body and be the healthiest I can be. I want to be centered, both mentally and emotionally. I want…. I want… I want… ahhhh. I want a baby. I digress.

I will try my hardest to read the books suggested, devour every newspaper article, study, and dietary recommendation. I want to use this time wisely.

I am definitely not wishing away the days because I know I will miss my sleep, my freedom of being without a dependent, and spending time with just my husband.

So I will go on dates with him, drink red wine, work out, and read like a mad woman for the next 6 months. The countdown is on!

11/5/16 will be here before we know it! So I better get to livin’!



Monday, May 9, 2016

Tryin' this thing out!

My very first post! I am entering the unknown world of blogging and am very excited to do so! SO.. here goes!

Makin' a Mama will discuss the journey I am taking into motherhood and beyond! I want to be the best version of myself for what is to come in the near future so this site will hold me accountable for the challenges to come :)