Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favorites!

I was a little under the weather this week which made it drag slightly. But I am on the up and up so this weekend should be a good one! Last night was our Supper Club and the theme was pumpkin! Just delicious. Two of my attending besties are the cutest pregnant women and they are not helping with the #babyfever! I had to sneak in a picture :)


Thanks for hosting this awesome linkup, Andrea, Narci and Erika.

Up first this week would be this AWESOME Pumpkin Hummus Recipe I recently made for our monthly Supper Club and served it with Trader Joe's pumpkin chips. I stuffed myself silly on this delicious app. These specific chips really compliment the flavor and spice of this hummus and
-bonus- on their own they are scrumptious.

 #yum #givemeallthepumpkin

Speaking of pumpkins and Fall things, I am SO happy that Anthropologie is having a nice Fall sale of 30% off tops when using coupon code YAY. I have been lusting after the below fall tunic and finally took the plunge with this sale! #thanksgivinghereicome

Next up to bat for this week, would have to be signing my hubby up for Stitch Fix Men! I cannot wait to see what outfits they pick out for him that will inevitably make him look even more handsome :) It was so much fun filling out a profile for him and he (dare I say) is a little excited for the arrival of his first fix. More to come on this as soon as it arrives in early November!

 In our process of "makin' (me) a mama", this week I downloaded an app called "Shine", by The Bump, that assists in tracking your monthly data, recording details and sending alerts etc. I wanted to reach out to y'all and see if there was any other suggested apps or websites that would be useful and informative in regards to TTC.

Lastly, I had to throw in my review of The Girl on the Train! I really enjoyed the twists and the acting behind it all. The ending was a touch graphic for me...but I am a little weak stomached with things like that :/. Emily Blunt was really great in it and played the part of a person with some demons very well. Also a plus, from what I have been told, it followed closely to the book which is a hard feat! One thing for sure is that it was a fun girl's night out!


Have a great weekend and thank you so for reading!




  1. That top from Anthro--would it fit a large baby belly? Love it!

  2. Love that top! I'm going to have to go have a look for myself. Happy Weekend!