Friday, August 12, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Oh Hello, FRIDAY!!! I had a wonderful week but am lookin' forward to a relaxin' weekend :) So I figured I would share my top picks for this week.

Thank you Andrea, Narci and Erika for hosting!

1. To start off, I have to share my review of the (hilarious) movie,  "Bad Moms"!

After watching the above clip..I hope you go see it! I am not a mama yet (I am in the makin' stage still;)) but I LOVED this film. This was even "husband approved" and he is a tough critic! It was witty and crude without being too much. We also had an incredible experience with the crowd! A big group of women came together loaded with hidden wine and they made sure to laugh loudly, scream, and to hoot and holler at the screen. At one point an empty wine bottle tinged and bounced down the steps of the theater which set off a roar of laughter separate from the film. I sat next to a younger girl in her 20's who was with her mom and she was so embarrassed at certain scenes....and I felt for her...but her mom was cracking up so I knew she would not have an uncomfortable drive home:) Mommies go and grab your girlfriends, sneak in a bottle of wine and enjoy this film that celebrates the tough job you do daily! 

2. Next up were my recent findings of Oreo Mint Thins. They are the bomb. I am kicking myself for discovering this cookie treat. If you are a huge thin mints fan...these will hold you over until Girl Scout Season!

3. Another favorite that I couldn't resist sharing is this cute little dress! I cannot wait to layer this baby up for fall! I was very excited when it arrived at my door step. After trying it on, it may be the softest piece of clothing I own. And paired with these booties, it's love.

Excuse my odd wrist action in this photo #awkward

4. My dear Kettle Bell has been kickin' my "makin' a mama" booty! I LOVE it.  There are so many exercises that can be taken to the next level with this beauty. My morning workouts are becomin' a challenge but these Olympians are makin' me want to raise the bar..or bell! #iamadork #ilovetheolympics

5. Lastly, this sweet little magazine made my heart skip a beat. So many DIY ideas and so many crafty things that I will push the hubs into creating! Makes me smile! #mightmakehimfrown

This is happening this weekend. #youwerewarnedhubs

Have a fabulous weekend! Thank you so much for reading!



  1. I've got Bad Moms on my list to watch ASAP! And super cute dress :)

  2. ahh I want to see that movie! Everyone has been raving about it. Love that dress :) Have a great weekend!!!!

  3. Okay I'm dying to plan a girls night next week to go see Bad Moms and why have I never thought of sneaking in my own bottle of wine?? #genius. I'm also loving that dress on you with those cute booties. Might need to check it out!!

    1. P.S. I'm a Florida girl too!! Pensacola. :)

  4. Hi! After your email I wandered over to your blog and have to say I already am enjoying your content! :) You make me regret not buying that white dress during the n sale! XO

  5. Bad Moms is hilarious. I went with a group of church ladies haha!