Thursday, August 25, 2016

Friday Favorites!

This week has certainly been an awesome and event filled one. We were busy and loved every minute of it!! Thank you, again, so much to Andrea, Narci and Erika for hosting this weekly link up to let me detail my faves from this wonderful week. 

1. I LOVE the dress I was able to steal from the Lilly Pulitzer Sale! The colors on this dress are so vibrant and the fit is so flattering!  WIN-WIN.

I love a good bargain!

2. Another fall outfit came together recently and I am so excited that I will be heading up north this weekend to test it out. On our weekend excursion, the days will be warm but the evenings will be a treat and in the 60's. #idontevenknowwhatthatfeelslikeanymore! This scarf is SO soft and perfect for Fall in Florida. It is light and airy but will also keep me warm when needed. This jacket is very soft and also cinches at the waist making it very flattering. #alwaysaplus **The jacket is also on sale!!!**

3. Speaking of traveling!!! I am a TERRIBLE flyer so.... I always have to have a book with me (along with some booze and the hubs). Therefore, I have purchased this little piece of fiction that has been recommended so many times in hopes that it will be the perfect distraction for my flying experience.

I will keep you posted on my review ;)

4. A sweet treat that is keeping me happy is a recent discovery a friend mentioned: 
Creme Brulee at Target! Just broil in your oven and voila- dessert!!! 


5. Thursday was a very exciting day for me. It was my final day in my Invisalign!!! The results have made me so happy and were worth the discomfort and wait. I plan on a more extended post to detail this process in the near future.


I hope y'all have such a wonderful weekend!!! Keep me in your thoughts and prayers please...#thisgirlhatestofly.

Thank you for reading.

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