Friday, May 13, 2016

DIY and Our Fixer Upper!

Our home is in a constant state of update!

We love our little fixer upper! 

It is filled with a mix of new furniture and hand me downs. For our older items that need a little face lift, Chalk(y) Paint (by Valspar), has been my new best friend. Below is the newest item that was brushed with some love:) The color is 'Sapphire Bracelet'. 


First coat!
Second coat....getting closer to the color I envisioned (phew)...

After the 2 coats of paint, I finished off the table with a Sealing Wax (also Valspar).

I LOVE the knobs I found that finished off the new look! I purchased these from Target for $7.99!! :)

I just wanted to share a little something to show how the house is coming along. These types of projects fill me with so much pride! 

The next item on my list is finding a mirror to go above this entry way table!!


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