Tuesday, May 10, 2016


So to start this bloggin' journey I will give a little backstory to my life. I have been married for one year to a man who stole my heart over a decade ago. We began dating in college and broke up after a summer apart. I feel like an entire life was lived while we were apart. Then 8 years later he showed up at my doorstep to take me on a dinner date. I happened to be a mess during this time and he swooped in and took care of me like only he can. My better half is Canadian, and I live in Florida, so we did long distance for a year (thank the good Lord for Skype!) until he moved down to join me in the sunshine. After some time he proposed, I accepted, and we were married 3 weeks later in a sweet and precious wedding ceremony at my childhood home.

Our first year of marriage we managed to squeeze in buying a fixer upper, fixing up that fixer upper, getting my fella a Green Card and discussed whether babies were in our future. We both entered into marriage “on the fence” about wanting children. I was hardened to the idea because of fear and he was just never really interested in babies. However, I never closed the door permanently on the idea though. Then… something happened to my heart entering my 30’s. I knew I wanted a baby. In fact, I longed for one. That “biological clock” tickin’ thing is true- who knew?! I spent much of our first year of marriage hinting that I had changed my mind. Then we had numerous serious conversations about the change in direction I was throwing at him. And finally, it was determined that in 6 months my hubby and I will begin trying for our own little miracle.

I have SO many thoughts, questions, and ideas about this next step. I want to do the right workouts to prepare my body and be the healthiest I can be. I want to be centered, both mentally and emotionally. I want…. I want… I want… ahhhh. I want a baby. I digress.

I will try my hardest to read the books suggested, devour every newspaper article, study, and dietary recommendation. I want to use this time wisely.

I am definitely not wishing away the days because I know I will miss my sleep, my freedom of being without a dependent, and spending time with just my husband.

So I will go on dates with him, drink red wine, work out, and read like a mad woman for the next 6 months. The countdown is on!

11/5/16 will be here before we know it! So I better get to livin’!



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