Friday, September 2, 2016

Friday Favorites!

We had such an incredible week! Our little weekend getaway up North created a short work week for us. On top of being off on Monday, I also had a bonus day off on Thursday due to Tropical Storm Hermine. Yay for a 3 day work week:) However, we are feeling the vacation blues pretty hard and are really missing our Canadian family. I guess that is always the best indication of a great trip...when you are so sad to leave.

And as always, thank you Andrea, Narci, Erika for hosting this link up!

1. The absolute top of my list for this week would have to be recapping our visit to Ottawa to surprise the hub's father for his 70th birthday! After having some issues getting there (#booalligiant)... I think we successfully pulled off surprising him! We spent time in the GORGEOUS weather visiting with my in-laws, nieces and nephew. I was in heaven:) These sweet kids filled both our hearts to the swelling point!

Can you even stand how cute they are?!!

Bonne fete, Chris!
2. Another gem from this trip was experiencing my first real Poutine. For anyone who is not "in the know"; a poutine is a French Canadian french fry dish topped with brown gravy and cheese curds (that squeak!). It is a true meal that keeps you filled with feelings of satisfaction (and regret) for the entire day! 

I swear it tastes WAY better than it looks! 

3. Another fun find for this week is the below top that is on sale! Anthropologie is having their "So Long Summer Sale" which is offering 40% off their sale items!!

4. I am SO late to this viewing party but I just started binge watching the Showtime series, "House of Lies". I already loved Kristen Bell and this show is pushing her into my favorite category!

5.  As Friday has rolled around I am finishing off this week thinking of another Monday off. Hopefully we will be enjoying some reading, the incredible sales and a day off of work. I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing Labor Day Weekend with family and friends! 

We are looking forward to some time at the movies hiding away from the rainy times ahead.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I love Poutine!! My husband turned me onto it at a hockey game (we're in Minneapolis, MN) and while I thought it sounded totally gross.. it's amazing! :) Glad you were able to surprise your father-in-law, I'm sure he loved it!

    1. arent they a treat!?!? :) thanks for stopping by! gg

  2. I love poutine! I don't get to have it very often, but when we find it on a menu, my husband and I always order it! Love the Anthropologie tank top! So pretty! I will have to check out House of Lies....I guess you're not the last to see it! Have a great weekend! Stopping by from Five on Friday!

    1. Just an update for you, I just finished the House of Lies series last night...and it is worth the watch:) gg

  3. I have to try poutine! Maybe when I visit Montreal this fall! Hope you had a great Labor Day Weekend :-)

    1. You will love the Poutines in Montreal! What a beautiful and fun city to visit in the Fall! gg