Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Favorites!

What a fun week this has been! Every year, to raise money, the company I work for has a United Way week filled with fun events! The theme this year is the Olympics and it is bringing out the competitive side in all of my coworkers:) We are each goin' for gold! United Way is an incredible organization and we proudly donate a portion of our salaries to help out the amazing groups they support!

Thank you for hosting this fun weekly round up, Erika, Narci and Andrea!

On the top of my list this week would have to be how excited I am for the arrival/visit of one of my best friends and college roommate! She and her son (who I just met for the first time!) will be staying with us this weekend.We are still a "no kids" I am so excited to have the sweet giggles of a little one fill our home:) Not to mention, I miss that little fella's mama so much because we live so far from each other...and I am loving the girl time I get with her! Listening to my friends talk about becoming/being mothers is such a cool experience. From the outside looking in.... I am in awe. I will join the ranks soon enough! Any tips you could give for how to spoil this new mommy during her visit would be so helpful.

Next up, would be a recap of the projects we knocked out this past weekend/week! I finally painted our front door. Once it was finished I was kicking myself for putting off this project! It was such an easy task and has added so much warmth and curb appeal to our home.

A before and after pic for you!

 The color is Hazel by Sherwin Williams and I love it! It doesn't quite photograph as the true color but it is a HUGE improvement from the red:)

Another fave from this week would have be the making and installation of our barn door for our master bathroom! #FINALLY 

We are in love! It adds so much more functionality to the space and the door turned into such a beautiful piece. 

Onto the next fun item for this week  which was giving my wedding gift (#twoyearslate) to my visiting friend. I have used the company called, Marye Kelley Decoupage previously for a few of my other best friends wedding gifts and I love them! They decoupage your wedding invitation into a decorative plate. I am a sucker for a beautiful keep sake and any reminder of a beautiful wedding day.

Finally, I am so excited that my closest friends and I just finished off our second Supper Club! The first crack at it, we did an Italian theme in August and did not take a single picture #badblogger. This month we selected a Tampa theme! We have it organized so that we each choose a different item to contribute based around the theme (i.e. appetizer, entree, side, salad, dessert, drink etc) ! It is so much fun being able to kick back for a couple of hours and spend time with the special women in my life. Unfortunately, we were having too much fun again this month and our phones stayed hidden! #roundtwoandnophoto. 

Next month- pumpkin theme! Please be sure to share any pumpkin related recipes:)

Have a great weekend and thank you so much for reading!



  1. We are hoping to paint our front door very soon as well! Any tips? A particular type of paint?

    1. I am gonna do a blog post with some tips and tricks! Stay tuned:) The biggies are to make sure to use exterior paint and primer:)

  2. Also I am SO JEALOUS of that barn door. I have been dreaming of putting one in our house but we don't really have anywhere worthwhile to do so. It looks great!

  3. Love the barn door!! Hope you have a great weekend with your friend!

  4. I painted our front door a few years ago and it's still one of my favorite projects! It was so easy and cheap, but made a big impact to the look of our house. Love your barn door too!

  5. Love love love your barn door!! We've been talking about putting one in our bedroom and after seeing yours, I think it's a necessity!! Love your front door as well- feels so amazing after you get those things done!!