Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Favorites!

This has been a week... I am tired and mentally drained which means I am so excited it is Friday!!! After having house guests last weekend- which was truly wonderful- I am looking forward to a quiet date night with the hubs and some relaxin'.

                               Thank you for linking us all up Erika, Narci and Andrea!

My first favorite for the week would have to be recapping the great time I had with my college roommate and her son. He is such a sweet baby and made my heart melt instantly. The hubs babysat one night and let us head out for dinner just the girls, we had play dates and swam. He loved chasing Bella around even though Bella was a little scared of the tiny human. One may ask, how do you fall in love with a 9 month old... take a look at the below pic and you tell me you didn't just fall madly in love with him?!?!? We miss his little sounds here in our empty house. Be sure to come back soon to your Auntie GG, little man!


Next up is this adorable Target Halloween shirt that I cannot wait to wear to my friend's annual pumpkin carving get-together. I will, of course, begin wearing it excessively on October 1st.

Love me some Boos.

Another fave that must be mentioned are my new earrings that I purchased from Accessory Concierge! With a recent promo code that they were offering I got these beauties for only $18!!! Love me a good deal! I ordered them on Wednesday and they should be delivered Saturday! I also love fast shipping!

One more favorite would be the new show (late to the game again...) my hubs and I have started watching, Masters of Sex. The concept is interesting and has kept our attention so far. Let me warn you though...if the title did not convince you..this show is not for children's viewing!

An honorable mention for new favorite show that has to be disclosed is, This is Us. After only viewing one episode (and crying several times) I think I am in love.


Lastly, I will be heading to Seattle in mid-October for a conference and need some recommendations on places to visit and explore. Any information would be very helpful! I have an extra day there to check out the sites and want to make sure I fill that day with as much Seattle as possible. 

Thanks so much for reading and have an awesome weekend!




  1. I am loving This is Us, too! Fav show since Parenthood. That shirt!!! So perfect for October!

  2. I love that shirt!! Is it recent?! I'm definitely in need of a new fun Halloween shirt :)

  3. I am obsessed with This Is Us!! So great!! And that Halloween shirt is hilarious. I think I need that!