Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday Favorites!

Another Friday already?! Man Oh Man- time is FLYING! I cannot believe we have entered September and you know what that means- Fall temps will soon arrive :) Yea scarves! 

We had a great long weekend and really enjoyed the short work week.

Thanks for hosting this awesome link up Narci, Andrea and Erika!

My first and second favorites for this week would be recapping the TWO movies we saw this past weekend. #nokiddosmeansmoremovies The first was called, The Light Between Oceans

It was a sweet film that tugged at the heart strings. However, be warned, it is a long one and slow moving.  But the hubs and I did appreciate the acting and story line!

The second movie we saw was called, Hell or High Water. We were so surprised with how much we loved this movie! It was in one of our tiny theaters with so few show times we assumed it was going to be lousy but the acting was on point! The film was  fast paced and cut right to the story line. The opening scene jumps right into the action. 


Both are good date night options!

The next favorite for the week, was exploring downtown St. Pete with the hubs. We loved wandering around and acting like tourists!

My food pic of my amazing lunch at "The Mill". I mean seriously.  Marble rye, Gruyere, Havarti Dill, Whipped Feta with sweet pepper jam, crispy shallots and cheddar sweet IPA vinaigrette definitely makes, "not your momma's grilled cheese".

After our leisurely lunch, we shared a nice little afternoon stroll and explored the Dali Museum :) 

Fourth on the list, is a new "toy" I purchased this week from Amazon to complete the barn door we will soon be installing. I love the little pop of detail this track will add to the design! #diy
I will be sure to show off before and after pictures from this little project. #beenbeggingforthis 

Lastly, this week I wanted to end on a high note with two inspiring quotes I read and had to pass along. 

Wise words that that I should chant when I am mid hissyfit!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone and thank you so much for reading!



  1. We saw Hell or High Water last weekend & loved it too! I was kind of surprised by how much we enjoyed it. I want to read The Light Between Oceans sometime this fall.

  2. I love that you and your husband are getting out there and hitting the movies before your baby comes. After that, it will be Netflix and Chill! My friends and I did a "ladies weekend" at the Vinoy recently and loved it... downtown St. Pete is charming and has SO many good restaurant options. We had dinner at Stillwater and then went to some ghetto-music bar afterward and it was a good time... until I woke up the next morning. Oy Vey!

  3. I love barn doors! The detailing is such a fun touch, too. I also love those quotes!

    Sarah //