Tuesday, June 21, 2016

My littlest love :)

Thank for allowing me to join in Andrea for a Show and Tell Tuesday!

Today's topic is pets!!!

Bella was gifted to me from best friends who have her doggy brother. She was too cute to turn down!

just a little tiny cutie!

She was, and still is, a ball of nervous energy. Bella is the kindest pup you will ever come across. I have spoiled her rotten to the point she is under the impression she is a human, not a dog. She howls when we leave her at home and is insanely excited when you return (always assuming we were never returning- even if we leave for a quick run to the store). 

part of our wedding:)
Bella with "the paw up", always.

She has stuck with me for 11 years. She has lived with me in college, moved with me from my first apartment and home, stuck by my side for some very difficult life changes and health issues, and has been my little silent partner through it all. 

When the hubs moved in, her side of the bed was taken over by him and she had to adjust to not sleeping on the bed with me anymore. Which was harder on me than her, I think! 

She loves her doggy bed (more than life), to beg, and she barks for water like a little tyrant. Her favorite activity, that she is OBSESSED with, is taking walks! As we age together we both have a few more white hairs then we once did!

Dogs add so much to a home and to your overall happiness! I think one of my favorite things about her is she instinctively knows when I am sick and/or sad and doesn't leave my "side"/feet! Dogs are just built that way- unconditional love.

I can't imagine my home not filled with her little barks and loud snores.

Have a great Tuesday!



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